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From Our Korean Students

These lessons have been awesome!!!  I am learning how to make sentences (self-taught and through the internet such as your site)… No formal classes to take in my area and Learn Hangul has been a joy!!!!  Please, please, please continue with the lessons!!!!

– Denice

Hi, I’m loving your website very much and I have a strong desire to learn Korean.

– Shannon T.

This website is totally awesome ! Now, I can read Hangul. I don’t even have time to study Hangul continuously though. The way you teach and explain every single things are totally clear and easy to understand… Overall, this website is very helpful for people who want to learn Hangul in faster way. Thank You so much for providing us such a free lesson and easy way of learning Hangul for busy people like me. Kamsahabnida :)

– Nurul H.

I love korean…sarangheyo…n khamsahamnida..

– Amber J.

Thank you. it helps me learn hangul :-)

– Shahnoza

Hello and thank you for this wonderful Hangul program.

– Mary D.

Greetings from Malaysia :) Thanks to the most passionate author of My Korean Book, I’ve been enjoying learning Korean so much till I don’t even realized it has come to an end! There are so much benefit I gained, yet it is all for free! Kamsahabnida. I am aware that nothing is free in this world, yet you are so generous by letting us (Korean learners) learning Korean for free. What could I ask for more? This is way beyond awesome! Million thanks! I loss for word. To express gratitude towards you is truly can’t be expressed through words. Only God knows how much I appreciate and feel so thankful for everything you’ve sacrifice in order to ensure we got to learn Korean comfortably, in a joyous way. God bless generous and passionate people like you, and all the team works! :) I’ve been learning so much, and will absolutely looking forward for more. Keep me updated because I’ll absolutely support you all the way! Keep up the good work, and may always be blessed. Himnae oppa/unnie! Saranghae! :) Loads of love from Malaysia.

– S. Musa

I really like the way you explain things! It is so helpful. I already go to Korean classes , but you have a really nice way of making things very clear – much better than my Korean teacher! Thank you!

– Sadie